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Bushfire and air quality data

 This page provides a compendium of key datasets related to fires and air quality.

Fire datasets

Dataset Description Organisation
Google Earth Engine Burnt Area Map (GEEBAM) GEEBAM is a GIS imagery layer that captures the canopy area affected by fire for the entire 2019-20 bushfire season. Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Fires Near Me NSW Fires Near Me is a set of mobile applications and a mobile web site which displays and maps fires and other incidents in NSW. Rural Fire Service
NPWS Fire History – Wildfires and Prescribed Burns FireHistory is a GIS-enabled dataset that holds final fire boundaries for every year for which there is data. It primarily provides data on fire boundaries within the NPWS Estate, though the boundaries often extend beyond that. Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
NSW Bush Fire Prone Land The NSW Bush Fire Prone Land dataset is a map that enables users to check if their property is in Bush Fire Prone Land. Rural Fire Service
NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents Feed The Current Incidents Feed contains a list of current incidents from the NSW RFS. Incident information is updated every 30 minutes. Rural Fire Service
Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Ban Feed Household survey, fare compliance survey, intrastate aviation patronage, monthly public transport patronage by mode Rural Fire Service
Fire Extent and Severity Mapping (FESM) The FESM severity classes include: unburnt, low severity (burnt understory, unburnt canopy), moderate severity (partial canopy scorch), high severity (complete canopy scorch, partial canopy consumption), extreme (full canopy consumption). Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Air quality datasets

Dataset Description Organisation
Air Quality Data This dataset provides historical spatial information relevant to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment operated air quality monitoring network.  Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Current Air Quality – live data Air quality index values – updated hourly Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Last updated 09 Sep 2020

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